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We’re Saving a Spot for You!

Our first trip up the Boulder valley in 2022! What would we find? Snow? Fallen trees? Critters? It’s been such a cold spring season – it could be full-on winter up there. But we had to go, to get a water sample for testing, and to satisfy our curiosity! May 1 dawned rainy and cold, so we gathered up our parkas, hats and mittens, and set out for Mimanagish.
As we turned onto Highway 298 at Big Timber, my excitement started to build. I put my cell phone on airplane mode and sat back to take it all in, while Dick did the driving. The rain continued. We saw deer — hundreds of deer. The usual antelope were out grazing, and we saw a herd of elk too! The spring road-grading is yet to happen — the potholes outnumbered the smooth spots. The outside temperature was 35 degrees, brrr. We turned into Camp, opened the gate, and drove in. It looked so beautiful! Emotion welled up in my throat…how I love this place!
Mimanagish is emerging from its winter hibernation, gradually. We saw a few significant snowbanks, but also lots of greening. The Camp wintered over well; everything looks really good — but it felt lonely. Mimanagish comes alive when YOU are there, laughing, singing, working together, slinging the tetherball, and breathing the sweet, clear forest air.


Have you registered yet? Don’t say you’re too far away – we have campers from California, Colorado, and Brooklyn, NY coming! How might Mimanagish fit into your summer plans this year? Want to create art, learn fly fishing, or hike new trails? How about the journey inward in a Circle of Trust, like Geography of Grace? Ready to volunteer as a counselor, or tackle a maintenance project? We need your special spirit at Camp! We’re saving a place for you. 

We’ve added a new event July 20-23, Wednesday to Saturday: Family and Friends Camp. Everyone is welcome to come for an unscheduled 3-night event — just show up for meals and work crews! Otherwise you are free to fish, hike, play games, walk the labyrinth, converse, and/or engage in that longtime favorite Mimanagish activity: sitting by the river. Why not contact an “old” camp friend, or your family members, and invite them to join you for these few days? Look under Camps and Events here on the website and check it out!