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Wish List

Of course we have a Wish List!   Contact a Manager to make arrangements to get your donations up to camp. During the season, UPS delivers!  Email:

  • Color printer — new or gently used*
  • Push lawn mower, sturdy and sound
  • Bush hog or sturdy brush cutter—could be borrowed and returned
  • Garden cart—did we mention “sturdy”? Like a Gorilla pictured here:
  • Pickup truck—a bit newer than the current one
  • Smaller school bus or large van 
  • Volunteers!
  •     Volunteers with expertise and even licenses for their field
  •     Volunteers of all kinds
  • Espresso machine (with frother, using refillable pods or containers, no throw-always!) user-friendly, durable.
  • Digital Kitchen Scale*
  • Folding Tables and comfortable Folding Chairs – need 5 tables and 20 chairs*
  • Instant Pot, 8-quart (multi-cooker)*
  • Scissors for crafts – for big and little hands — need 15-50 pair*
  • 30” cook-top for Managers’ Cabin*
  • Fly-fishing tackle, etc.—need 3-6*

* these items are on our Amazon Wish List, You don’t have to purchase the exact item, but this will show you what we have in mind.