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Wish List

Wish List 

Of course, we have a wish list!  You can view our Amazon Wish List here!  (You don’t have to purchase the exact item, but this will show you what we have in mind!) In fact, it works even better if you make the donation and let us buy the item when the time is right.

  • Outdoor Furniture: $200+
  • Color printer — new or gently used* $400
  • Push lawn mower, sturdy and sound $300
  • Folding cart for luggage, etc.—did we mention “sturdy”?* $140
  • Half-ton Pickup truck—a bit younger than 2009 
  • Volunteers!
  • Volunteers with expertise and even licenses for their field
  • Instant Pot, 8-quart (multi-cooker)* $160
  • Sheets and blankets for twin mattresses 
  • Twin memory foam mattress $150
  • Scissors for crafts – for little hands — need 15-25 pair* $20
  • Fly-fishing tackle, etc.—need 3 outfits* $100
  • Hand vacuums – need 8* $30 each
  • 8.5″ Gaga Balls* 4/$20
  • Path lighting 4/$300
  • Botanical Rodent Repellant $15
  • Recycled copy paper $10/ream
  • Bear Spray $35
  • Donate toward the wish list!

*These items are listed on our Amazon Wish List!

Contact a manager to coordinate delivery of items up to camp. During the season, UPS delivers!  Email: