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User Group Agreements & Responsibilities

User group agreements and responsibilities

 Hold Harmless Agreement:

Visitors acknowledge that Camp Mimanagish is located in a rugged setting beside a turbulent river with the nearest medical facility and personnel 40 miles away. Visitors agree to indemnity, hold harmless and defend Singing Waters Montana and all of its officers, agents and employees from and against all liability for injuries to or deaths of persons or damage to property cause by visitor’s use of, occupancy of, or operations upon the demised premises, including all legal suits and of all actions filed or threatened.

 Group Responsibilities:

Singing Waters Montana, under the terms of this agreement, is acting as a landlord and as such is not responsible to perform duties such as: Health Care, First Aid Provisions, Supervision of Group Behavior, or Supervision of Recreational Activities. It is the responsibility of the “Person in Charge” as the agent of the applying group to provide for these services. When possible, a health-care professional will be in Camp, and some staff are trained in First Aid. It is the expectation of Singing Waters Montana that all camp policies, rules and regulations contained in this application be shared by the group before arriving.

 Conditions for Forest Service Special Use Permit:

All visitors agree to comply with the following requirements as conditions for use of the campsite:

  1. Pay Singing Waters Montana for any damage to structures and furnishings beyond ordinary wear and tear, and for any lost articles resulting from its occupancy.
  2. Observe all rules for care with fire and other safety precautions which Singing Waters Montana has established in consultation with the Forest Service for occupancy of the Camp and observe all National Forest Service Regulations and State Law concerning prevention and suppression of forest fires.
  3. Observe all sanitary laws and requirements. Keep buildings and premises clean and orderly at all times, and orderly upon leaving.
  4. Initiate no construction or reconstruction of any kind except with the approval of Singing Waters Montana and specific prior written approval of the Forest Service Supervisor.

Protect the Camp from trespass and abuse and never cut, mutilate or deface any growing timber, shrubbery or other forest cover.