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Register Now!

Camp Mimanagish 2022 Summer Season is ready and open for registrations!


What do you want to do this summer? Volunteer at Mimanagish to make it safer and more beautiful…Gather with family and/or friends…Listen to your Inner Teacher? Come to Camp!

What do you want to learn? Fly Fishing…Nature Photography…Drum-Making? Come to Camp!

Who do you want to hang with? Hikers…Youth…Multi-Generations? Come to Camp!


Go to the “Camps & Events” drop-down to check out the full lineup of amazing experiences available to you at this healing, sacred, joyful place. Singing Waters Montana events include Work Weeks, Creative Arts, Hiking and Fishing, and Circles of Trust Spiritual Retreats. Other groups’ events include Drum Brothers Rhythm Retreat, United Church of Christ Youth and Intergenerational camps, and a long weekend for Jewish Kids from Montana and beyond!


Register by April 15 for a $25 discount on all Singing Waters Montana events!


A few events are still “under construction”: Foster and Adoptive Family Camp, Resiliency for Middle Schoolers, and Respite for Medical Workers are all in the works and should be ready for reservations in a few weeks.


Mimanagish is not just a church camp anymore – the whole world is welcome to participate, and we hope you will spread the word widely. Covid-19 precautions will be in place, adapted to the needs at the time (we encourage vaccinations).


If you wish to volunteer for a week as a counselor, medic, or kitchen helper, contact Cathy Barker at If you want to assure that others can come to Camp, please contribute to our scholarship fund with a designated check to 2323 Broadwater Avenue Suite 2, Billings MT 59102. If you simply want to make sure Mimanagish continues for future generations, click the “Donate” button on this website. Most of all, share the news of this wonderful place and our exciting season ahead!


Hope to see you at Camp this summer!