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Most of the lodging at Mimanagish is in simple sleeping cabins with wood stoves. Each sleeps 8-12 people on hand-hewn bunk beds with memory-foam mattresses. All have easy access to the central Bathhouse which has three to four flush toilets and three private showers on each side, with on-demand hot water. Outhouses are also conveniently located.

The Camp has a limited number of spots for tents or small RV’s.

Upgraded housing takes three distinct forms in Big Timber Cabin, Singing Waters Lodge, and the Wildflower Wing.

Big Timber Cabin features a full kitchen with running water, living and dining areas, and two bedrooms, one with a double bed and the other with four uniquely designed bunk beds. (At present there is no toilet facility in Big Timber Cabin.) The living/dining room may be used for small group gathering space.

Singing Waters Lodge has two private bedrooms, Aspen with a queen bed and an attached small room, Pine, with a bunk bed. The Fireside Room, also a gathering space, has four futons which may be used for sleeping. There is a composting toilet in the building.

The Wildflower Wing in Full Moon has two motel-type bedrooms with double beds and attached bathrooms. Shooting Star has a tub-shower combination. Fairy Slipper has an accessible shower with seat, making it the most accessible lodging in Camp. These rooms also allow very easy access to the Wildflower Wing retreat space and the Dining Hall, making them ideal for elders or those with mobility challenges.