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Tree Talk – ’23 Report and ’24 Dates

Overheard at Mimanagish, October 2023:

Hey Douglas! You there by the Horseshoe Pits! What’s happenin’?  

Hi Doug! Just stretching my lopsided limbs into the autumn sky, glad to be alive!

You had a close call this summer, didn’t you.

Yeah, the electric company picked two of us Douglas Firs to be cut down, but then they just trimmed us up so we don’t touch the wires. Again. They carefully thinned some of the Aspen Community but left us standing! The other survivor is  Fir, over there by the road down to Lower Camp.

Yo, you talking about me? I’m standing proud here watching over the north end of the Camp. I saw a Forest Service team taking out some dead and troubled trees later, but they ignored me. Spared twice! What do you have to report, Doug?

Well, from my excellent vantage point here by Full Moon, I’ve supervised some improvements on the roof and eaves. I’ve heard a lot of great singing from the Dining Hall, especially by the Getting Gritty Middle School kids! I enjoyed watching the staff’s daily bustle: Dick & Cathy, Dilynn, and Robin & David always seemed to be on the move. They welcomed over 350 people, made a lot of great food, took care of health needs, and made the Camp safer with better railings and ramps, benches and bridges, and more. What did you see, Douglas?

I watched the staff too, and enjoyed their excitement over the ongoing improvements to the Livingston cabin here. There was a lot of hubbub when the garbage truck turned the metal gate into a pretzel… but the new one is up, better and stronger. The overhead sign at the gate got a makeover – I hear it’ll go up next year. I’ve supervised the nervous arrivals and tearful departures, watched the hikers armed with bear spray and sack lunches, and delighted in the abundant wildflowers and fungi this year. Fir?

I haven’t just been twiddling my branches… I oversaw adults and kids tie-dying, and made as much breeze as I could while they flew the kites they’d made. I observed a lot of work, too, as the last of the Lower Camp junk pile went away – that’s been an eyesore for many tree-rings, and I’m glad it’s finally gone! There’s talk about a pavilion, or even a new retreat center down there – they call it a “long-range plan.” I’m a tree, I don’t get the concept, but I’m glad for the Camp.

It’s been another busy summer here at Mimanagish – I think I speak for the whole forest when I say that we’re grateful to be part of it. Now for some much-needed rest while we wait for the next season…

Save the Dates for 2024! 

Kitchen Kickoff                        May 24-27

Camp Kickoff                           June 7-9

Full Voice Retreat                   June 10-12

Creative Arts Camp                 June 13-17

Getting Gritty (5th-6th)           July 21-27

Youth Art Camp (7th-10th)     July 28-August 3

Fishing & Hiking                      August 11-15

Geography of Grace                TBA

The Soul of Aging                    September 8-12 or 15-19

Camp Closing                          September 30-October 2