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Guest Policies

Camp Mimanagish – Guest Policies

 Welcome campers! We’re so glad you’ll be spending time with us in this special, sacred place.

 To make your stay here pleasant, we want to go over some camp policies to ensure that all renters and program participants feel welcome and stay safe.

 First Things First!

 Camp Mimanagish is in a rustic setting 40 miles from Big Timber, Montana. There is no cell-phone service and our very limited internet is for staff use only. Part of the joy of being at Camp is being unplugged and free to enjoy the forest and the people you are with. Use your phone for taking pictures!

 Telephone use is also for Camp business. Use of the phone by campers will be for emergencies only and with the approval of the Camp Managers.

 Safe and welcome

 No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome at Mimanagish. We want to ensure a warm, welcoming atmosphere where everyone can fully participate in programming and share openly. 

 To ensure that Mimanagish is safe and welcoming for all, we ask that all visitors agree to and abide by the following policies while at Mimanagish.

 Treat fellow campers, program leaders and camp staff with dignity and respect. Discrimination, bullying or harassment of any sort is not tolerated and can result in perpetrators being sent home at the discretion of the camp managers or program leaders.

 Stay safe and keep others safe. Guidelines for staying safe will be made known to campers in printed materials and in orientation gatherings. Anyone who fails or refuses to abide by safety protocols may be sent home at the discretion of Camp Managers.

 A couple of things to keep in mind about safety in our surroundings:


  • The Boulder River is beautiful, but fast and cold. It is unsuitable for swimming, and the Camp does not have a swimming area. We do not allow swimming by unaccompanied children or youth. We don’t recommend swimming at any time. In May and June, the river is usually unusable and unsuitable for fishing. July, August, and September can provide wonderful opportunities for trout fishing. Care must be taken while fishing from shore or while wading. Youth and children must be closely supervised by an adult while fishing or near the shore.
  • We are guests of the forest, and there are bears, moose, deer, elk, and other wild animals who may visit Camp. Use a flashlight or headlamp for walking at night. No food is allowed to be kept in any building besides the Full Moon Dining Hall and Big Timber Cabin. The Camp Managers have bear spray, which should only be used as a last resort.

 Be a good steward. This is our shared home while we’re here and we want to preserve it for others to enjoy in the future. Treat camp buildings and property and our natural surroundings with care. Renters will be held liable for any damage to our natural surroundings or camp buildings or property. A checklist for cabin cleaning will be provided and checkout completed by the camp managers. User groups will be billed for any needed additional cleaning. Camp managers have the right to enter facilities for inspection, maintenance and repair during reasonable hours.

 Participate in Work Crews. To keep costs down, everyone is expected to participate in work crews before and after meals, including setting tables, washing pots and pans, running the dishwasher, cleaning the bathhouse, and cleaning and sanitizing. There may also be opportunities to assist in Camp work projects in other places on the grounds.

 Abide by all policies regarding smoking/vaping, alcohol and drug use. 

  • Smoking/vaping is prohibited apart from the designated smoking area. Please be mindful of others’ health and fire dangers. Be sure all smoking materials are fully extinguished.
  • Responsible use of alcohol by adults is permitted during private events such as weddings and family reunions and while hostel camping. It is up to individual program leaders whether to allow responsible use of alcohol during adult programs.
  • No one is allowed to leave the camp while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Use of alcohol by youth camp program leaders and counselors is prohibited.
  • Abuse of legal or illegal drugs of any type by visitors or staff is prohibited at Mimanagish.
  • Any visitors or staff violating policies regarding smoking/vaping and the use of alcohol and drugs may be asked to leave at the discretion of the camp managers or program leaders.

 Follow the rules regarding pets. Only camp staff are allowed to have dogs at camp. Service animals are allowed with prior approval from the camp managers.

 Leave weapons at home. Weapons of any type are prohibited at Mimanagish. Anyone violating this policy will be asked to leave.

 Provide proof of background checks for all youth program staff. All Mimanagish staff and program leaders and counselors of youth programs must have had a background check within the past year and will be required to provide proof of the check to the Camp Managers well in advance of the event. User groups presenting youth programming at Mimanagish are responsible for paying for their own background checks. Singing Waters Montana will pay for background checks for camp staff.

Keep kids safe. User groups are responsible for all children and youth. Children and youth should be carefully supervised to ensure they stay safe near campfires, the river and the surrounding wilderness.

 Protect the plumbing! Mimanagish is on a well and septic system. DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. 

 Practice fire safety. Fireworks and open fires are prohibited. Fires are only permitted in cabin stoves and fireplaces and campfire areas designated by the camp managers. Camp managers have discretion over when or if fires are allowed. Anyone not practicing fire safety may be sent home at the camp managers’ discretion.

 Respect quiet time! Mimanagish shares the valley with a variety of other camps, campgrounds and residents. Please observe camp quiet hours of 11 pm to 7 am.