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Listen to Nature

A Message from Singing Waters Montana Board Treasurer Hal Fossum – March 2024

You might come here just to listen. A bird is the smallest sound. It takes a chorus of them to match the river roar, and they sing. Percussion from a horse trailer is all the human noise you get springtime on the Boulder. It is like that, a cacophony of nature. Close your eyes. Now open them and read.

Things are busy around here. We want to warm the camp’s first building, the chapel, with a stove. We are refinishing the floor. The fireplace is getting some loving care for the next 50 years. That’s a start.

The kitchen, O Lord, bless the kitchen and its staff, is getting big upgrades. There are fabulous projects in the doing and the waiting in every corner. Some are long plans, some are short plans. You know how it goes. Happily, Mimanagish looks better than ever, thanks to gifts large and small, which are always welcome.

It is a better time than ever to come. Come for work camp. Come for youth camp. Come for the arts and music and fishing and singing. Come to build trust and find hope. There are loads of chances. Just come. You know you will not regret it. You will know.