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We Can Do This – With Help!

“Annie” came to Mimanagish as a shy teen who couldn’t make friends. She was frequently absent from school and struggled to pass her classes. A scholarship was necessary for her to attend Camp. Upon arrival she was slump-shouldered with low eye contact and a “don’t look at me” demeanor.

Annie was thrust into leadership games and thoughtful conversations. Her true self began to shine. She liked journaling and solitude in the brisk air during Morning Watch. She tried fly casting and archery, and upon hitting the target she squared her shoulders and beamed. In conversations with counselors, she brainstormed on how to bring her newfound sense of self respect, strength, and confidence back home.

When Annie returned to school in the fall, she immediately set about changing her life. She did not miss one day of school the first semester, passed all her classes, and joined student council. She stood with a strong presence as she spoke at class assemblies. Now in high school, she continues to chart a new path for herself and fondly reports that the week at Mimanagish changed her life.

This is what we can do at Mimanagish. We have leaders and scholarship funds in place. Trouble is, we don’t have a big enough youth constituency yet, and we’re struggling to get the word out about our exciting events for kids now 4th grade through freshmen. Can you help?

What if flyers appeared on every library and community bulletin board? What if parents, teachers and school counselors heard firsthand about this opportunity? What if grandparents helped their grandkids and their friends and neighbors to try it out (we can meet planes in Bozeman!)? A nationwide blitz from hundreds of you could make all the difference!

On each webpage look for “Spread the word with this flyer” to show a sharable, printable pdf.

Getting Gritty Flyer.3 2024

Z Arts Flyer.2 2024